Your wedding is one of the most significant and special events of your life. You are committing to caring and loving for the other in any situation without any conditions. Because of this, your wedding day warrants the best memories.  

When planning for such an important event, selecting a wedding photographer can be a hard job. However, when you’re choosing the ideal photographer for your wedding, you should keep in mind some myths before making any choices. 

Here are some of the most common wedding photography London myths: 

Photos Are Only Good if the Location is Great 

You should keep in mind that location is only a minor factor of what can make your photo great. If you hire a professional photographer, you would not be able to tell which location the photo is taken from. A professional wedding photographer knows how to make an unappealing location look good in pictures. It’s a combination of skills and knowledge. Because of this, you shouldn’t worry about the venue for your wedding. You’ve got to enjoy your day and let the photographer do his job. If you’re not stressed out, your photos will also look great.   

It’s Better to Hire a Couple of Cheap Photographers than an Expensive One 

You shouldn’t compromise the quality of your photos for quantity. This principle can be applied to anything. Though hiring more photographers at an affordable rate may appear like a win, you should think about why they’re offering their services at a cheap rate. Though you should hope you’re not getting scammed, that is usually the case unfortunately. Wedding photographers spend a lot of money and time honing and learning their skills. The best photographers in the industry are the expensive ones because they’ve spent a lot of effort to improve their skills. A hundred excellent photos are better compared to a thousand poor-quality images.  

New-Age or Candid Photographers Don’t Take Formal or Family Portraits 

For those who don’t know, candid photography is a type of photography that captures pictures without people being wary of it. Unfortunately, this definition has led to a lot of myths that candid photographers don’t take formal portraits or family photos. Well, that is not the case. Though candid photographers take most of their pictures as the event happens, they can still take photos with your family and friends .  

You’ve Got to Create a List of Wedding Photo Shot for the Photographer 

You may come across blogs and websites on the internet telling you to create a list of all the shots you want on your wedding day. Though this appears excellent, having a particular list may not be the ideal move for your wedding photos. 

Keep in mind that whenever you hire a professional, you do it because you like their photos and their style. If you give them a list of photo shots, you may affect their creativity during the wedding day. You need the photographer to offer his/her best during the wedding. They shouldn’t worry about taking all the shots you need. You need to rely on your photographer